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The Beginning of Doo Wop

Wop wop a do wop, ba bang a dong ding/bome……..


The Marcels

The Marcels

We attribute the beat, the sound, the rhythm, and the emotion of Doo Wop with the 1950’s. We also liken it to one particular deejay  from New York City – “Cousin Brucie” Morrow.  This one person helped shape rock ‘n’ roll music almost as much as the groups who sang and danced their ways into our hearts and memories.  According to him “all the basic elements of music as we enjoy it today existed in African music over four-hundred years ago.”   Take that history steeped in the church pews of black America and stir it up with a dollop of the blues and what you have is what we fondly call Doo Wop.

Doo wop artists emerged out of the swing-jazz era.  Big bands became, quartets and quintets.  Many of these new artists borrowed songs that had been major hits for jazz artists – adding their particular spin to the classics.  “In The Still of the Night” (Five Satins and Billy Eckstine); “Blue Moon” (the Marcels and Glen Gray) and “Stormy Weather” (the Spaniels and Lena Horne) are just a few.  Over the next few weeks, we will be visiting some of my favorites.

Five Satins

Five Satins

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Where are You, Gosinta?

That question seems to be echoing through an empty canyon……..No, I haven’t disappered; just kinda was on hiatus.  Watch out, cuz she’s back!!!

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Is Love Really the Thing for eCommerce success?

Do you really love what you’re doing?  That word is sooooooo overused and so misunderstood.  I could go into a discussion of the Greek words for love and how each one described a different type of love, but that really won’t do any good here. 

So many of us are going to work each day just for the pay check.  While there’s nothing wrong with that, we can miss out on so much of life.  For example, I really loved my job working in the arts and entertainment industry……excited every day to go to work.  There were new people to meet every day, different problems to resolve between acts, promotors, the house and the public, different hours every day, different days off every week, longer hours, longer days, shorter nights, less sleep, less time for my husband and family, less time to kick back and relax with friends….and on and on.  While I really loved the job, it took its toll on not only me and my health, but also on all of my loved ones. 

The decision was made to retire early so that I could do what I wanted.  Only what was it?????  Finally, at the age of 55, I realized I wanted to work from home, have quiet time for myself, time with my husband and children who were now grown with children of their own and sell on eBay.  After 3 more years of messing around,  I found my niche, a catchy name and really started to work.  The most recent results are in:  providing a safe marketplace for those who listen and collect vinyl record albums and 78rpm’s; becoming an eBay PowerSeller; and most importantly, understanding and experiencing that “Love is the Thing” just as Nat King Cole said. 

Ramping it up a bit,  I was a “Ramblin’ Rose,” searching for that impossible dream and not finding what I was looking for.  Like “Mona Lisa” I couldn’t seem to grasp that “Unforgettable” experience I so yearned to have.  Nat had all the answers.  It is all about love.  So many of us get caught up in that whirlwind of life and can’t see because of the dust storm.  Selah….pause and think quietly about what it is you really want to do when you grow up.  Love is the  Thing – giving, receiving and providing an experience for the buyer when you sell online.  Build that trust relationship; provide something that your market loves and stand behind it because you love what you are doing!!

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