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Record Music History – My Way

I just had a birthday.  According to the US antique standards, I am beyond antique. 

In the US, an item is considered antique at 50.  This is 2008.

Let’s think about this a minute.  Hmmmm…..recorded music.  Records, specifically. 

Many of the records I own have hit the 100 mark or are very close to it.

The age of rock and rock has hit 50.

Taking all that into consideration, I decided to abandon the “retro” looks that many have used as the theme for their websites, blogs and Ebay stores.


I say not!!

Think golden years and rich patinas inviting you into the shelves of recorded music history.

No red, black, chrome or flashing disco balls here. 

It’s on its way. 

You will really want to gosinta this, sit back and reminisce!