Gosinta Talks About Gosinta

Gosinta is truly a shopping term based on a shopping experience.  When you go the the mall, you go into one store, you go into another store and another until you find exactly what you want.  Our goal is to provide exactly what you want so you will never gosinta ‘nother store again! 

If you like thinking green and pride yourself in listening to and collecting vinyl records, go no further! We sell pop, rock, jazz, classical, easy listening, sound tracks, Christian and children’s record albums along with a great selection of old 78 rpm records. 

Just to keep your interest piqued, we add in some sheet music, plus odds and ends of things… and, for the shopper who likes electronics – you’ll always find a great selection of different personal electronics for young and old alike!


Our eBay store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your shopping convenience.  We believe that the buying experience is all about providing our customers not only a proudct but a memorable experience that will keep them coming back over and over again!


Remember:  Visit my store , you’ll never gosinta ‘nother one again!