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Migration to

It’s October 8, 2008 and the world around us is changing quickly.  Okay, let’s be a little more specific… world is changing.  This blog has been posted on a format.  FInally I have the other blog up, can’t say it’s all the way there, but there are a post or two.  Please visit my new blog titled Vinyl Record Talk.  There will be a lot of new things going on there.  Ideas are swimming in my head and I can’t get them down fast enough!  See you there!!  Remember…Vinyl Record Talk.


Where are You, Gosinta?

That question seems to be echoing through an empty canyon……..No, I haven’t disappered; just kinda was on hiatus.  Watch out, cuz she’s back!!!

News from the …com world!  Gosinta  is going through a total makeover.  Yes, I’ll still be old, but the look will be way new!  My eBay store Gosinta is going through a complete makeover – new colors, new look, new products and lots of cool stuff.  The biggest annoucement is Gosinta is launching a website!  This will include my WordPress blog and and opportunity to sign up for my newsletter. The newsletter will keep you informed of all the changes, new happenings, special newsletter subscriber only offers and discounts, early bird specials, discussion groups and contests.  Please sign up  for a free subscription to my newsletter when you visit my eBay store Gosinta.  I will send you a special alphabetical list  (26 total) of oldie artist/groups along with the names of the hottest hits.  Until later days……


Re-Birth of the Vinyl Record

I live in Oregon, the home of Fred Meyer one-stop shopping.  This company (now owned by Kroger) hit the national news last week all because an employee marked the wrong box while ordering the new REM album “Accelerate” – and that’s what he got…..vinyl record albums rather than CD’s.  The warehouse shipped the albums out and some of the stores put them on the shelves.  The rest is history, and you know it.  What happened before is happening again – albums sold and sold well. Fred Meyer is now really testing the market.  They are placing 20 different albums in 60 stores.  These albums range from The Beatles “Abbey Road” to the new Raconteurs 180 gram vinyl. The response thus far has been what some of us expected – they are selling.  The public loves records, always has and always will.

Being a child of the ’60’s, seeing this resurgence thrills me as I reminisce my way through decades of what is now musical history.  Both digital downloads and CD sales are experiencing a down turn.  Shoppers want to buy an experience.  Buying vinyl provides that sensory experience: sound, touch and feel and seeing that black vinyl spiining on the turntable. 

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